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Revolutionizing healthcare for women starts with you.
Qvin is the first healthcare service to use period blood as an opportunity for a non-invasive blood test. Giving you an easy, insightful way to monitor existing health issues, proactively screen for others, and go into doctor visits informed and confident.
A pad with a purpose. Introducing the Q-pad.
Crafted to be seamlessly used during your period, the Q-pad collects your blood to unlock health information on your hormones, vitamins, risk for diabetes, and HPV testing.
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How it works
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Create a Qvin profile
Download our app and create your profile, including age, health conditions, and goals. Based on this information, we will recommend a blood panel, just for you, which you can always personalize further.
Start using the Q-pad
Within your period cycle, use two of the Q-pads to collect your menstrual blood like you would with a regular pad. After use, remove the inner strip, seal it in the return, secure envelope, and return to Qvin.
Study your results
Your blood test results will appear in the app. Translated into easy-to-understand insights that only get more in depth and actionable with monthly use.
Power to the period
Over 70% of the decisions our doctors make are influenced blood test results. However, the blood our body naturally delivers every month has never been explored as a testing source
Who we are
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Our health is personal and at its best when tended to proactively. In 2014, our founders, Dr. Sara Naseri and Søren Therkelsen started building Qvin on this shared belief. Making it their mission to put more healthcare power in the hands of the people, specially choosing a population that were unserved and understudied to focus on—women.
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Join the Qvin team!
Qurasense Inc. is located on 3517 Edison Way, Menlo Park CA 94025 United States. We're always hiring, and have a number of positions available. Please see more at
Help us help women!
You can use the Qvin app for period tracking, participate in clinical trials, and help us advance women's health research - all within our app. Download and sign up here:
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